Leaping dolphin

Since 1992 the Dolphin Queen sightseeing cruise has embarked from the Pier in downtown St. Petersburg.

Highly experienced Captain Fred is so sure that you will see dolphins on this foremost dolphin cruise that he guarantees it.

Not just dolphins.

You are likely to spot lots of the animal life in Tampa Bay, one of the world's richest estuaries.

Manatees, rays, ospreys, pelicans, herons and many other species make their homes here.

If they're out, Captain Fred will spot them and point them out to you.

A cormorant dries its wings

In its history, Tampa Bay has surely been one of the world's richest life-filled environments. According to WikiPedia, "As late as the early 20th century, visitors still reported huge schools of mullet swimming across the bay in such numbers that they "'impeded the passage of boats.'"

The Near Destruction

Subsequent development, industry and human habitation then went on to nearly destroy one of the world's great estuaries. "By the 1970s, the water was so murky that sunlight could not reach the shallow bottom, sea grass coverage (which is vital to marine life) had decreased by more than 80%, many previously common species had become scarce, and bay beaches were regularly closed due to unsafe levels of bacteria and pollutants. " Read More

Dolphin Mother and Calf - Striations on the calf are "wrinkles" from womb curling, Bull Shark

by Capt. Fred

Several years ago, I took a group of folks from Detroit on a dolphin tour, the same tour that I offer today.

We left the Marina and headed south towards the Coast Guard Station, when I spotted a dolphin feeding against the sea wall at Albert Whitted Airport.

Dolphins are smart hunters. They like seawalls where they pin the fish they prey on against the wall and limit their escape route.